About NYU Cultures of War and the Post-War Research Collaborative

Our Research Collaborative has two main objectives.

The first is to define the role of scholars in the humanities in pursuing a rigorous theoretical, historical, and ethical account of modern war cultures across various disciplines. The second goal is to reflect on cultural policy outcomes that might address the profound social, economic and psychic challenges confronting contemporary citizens entering post-war societies around the world. In particular, the Cultures of War group will explore questions of gender, technology and political economy.

The group aims to create dialogue between academia, veterans, the military, activists, and creative artists to contribute to debates about war culture and public policy in today’s challenging global climate.  The Cultures of War research collaborative was established with the support of NYU’s Center for the Humanities and is based in the department of English at NYU.


Patrick Deer, Associate Professor of English, NYU

Bill Blake, Assistant Professor of English, NYU

AB Huber, Assistant Professor, Gallatin School, NYU

Chad Hegelmeyer, Ph.D. Program, Department of English, NYU

Kris Minhae Choe, MA Program, Department of English, NYU